A google horror story: what happens when you are disappeared

What happens when you are disappeared?:

When companies host all of your data and have the ability to delete you and it at-will, all sorts of nightmarish science fiction futures are possible. This is the other side of the "identity theft" nightmare where the companies thieve and destroy individuals' identities. What are these companies' responsibilities? Who is overseeing them? What kind of regulation is necessary?

MassCat Consortium Chooses Koha ZOOM

More Good News for the folks at Libelime, MassCat--a resource sharing network for over 100 libraries in Massachusetts--has selected the Koha ZOOM for their next integrated library system (ILS) and union catalog.
MassCat has selected the hosted Koha ZOOM solution, wherein the installation will be hosted at one of LibLime's carrier-class data centers. LibLime will be providing MassCat with software installation, data migration, on-site training, and ongoing support services.

Libraries: Kick DRM Out!

<a href=""></a> has announced an action against libraries that support DRM on their collections. Boston locals can join them this Saturday from 1pm to 3pm at the Boston Public Library's main branch...

Vista service pack 1 is coming

According to Wired online, Vista Service pack 1 will be officially "ruled" (or should be rolled) out in mid-March to those that choose to download updates themselves from the website and mid April to those with automatic updates. Is your library ready?

Proquest buys RefWorks

Courtesy of The Distant Librarian, ProQuest has bought RefWorks. While the press release says no external changes from a customer perspective, I can't help but wonder if there will be changes for those that manage the database.

Campaign to save WindowsXP

A campaign has been launched to save WindowsXP as Microsoft plans on stop selling new copies in June of this year.

EzProxy and OCLC

ResourceShelf posted that EZproxy, used to access services--such as databases, remotely, has been acquired by OCLC. Interestingly OCLC states that they will link EZproxy up to to, in the words of the press release:

"Additionally, OCLC is planning to connect local instances of EZproxy to, creating new value for licensees and their users. By surfacing EZproxy in, end users outside of the library will have better access to library collections and services through WorldCat."

I wonder if this will require any extra work on those that use EZproxy.

9 Better, Cheaper Ways To Search Amazon

A nice post from The Consumerist: The Amazon home page has somewhere around 16 different sales pitches, and more unnecessary graphics than a MySpace page. Here are 9 money-saving ways to shop the site without waiting for another customized ad to render.

Springer partners with OCLC for MARC 21 records

Springer Science+Business Media ( has partnered with OCLC to provide MARC 21 Records for the Springer eBook Collection.

Library Software Manifesto

Roy Tenant's Library Software Manifesto is offered in an attempt to rationalize the relationship between libraries and library systems vendors, which is presently unhealthy. First done at a talk at the 2007 CODI Conference (Customers of Dynix, Inc.). his topic was a "library software manifesto" in which he would outline the rights and responsibilities of libraries and library software vendors.


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