Little bits o\' lit

Submitted by Brian on Wed, 05/23/2001 - 15:37

The Chicago Tribune has an article about two alternative distribution channels for literature: the Chapter-A-Day e-mail service; and Travelman Short Stories, which are being sold as fan-folded sheets from a machine in a London Underground station.

A quote from an American short-story author about the vending machine: "I don\'t think it would work here. So few people read short stories in this country. Selling them in the same way you sell gum or condoms, I don\'t think it would appeal to the same people who read short stories." Being Sued by its Own Shareholders

Submitted by Ieleen on Fri, 03/23/2001 - 11:33

This one comes by way of BBC News...
Within the past week or so, it was reported that Internet giant, was being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission for possible inside trading. It seems that things are getting worse for Mr. B. It looks as though there may have actually been some, to quote the news, \"highly speculative\" activities going on. Oh, what a tangled web he weaves...yada yada. [more...]
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Questia: Some Issues

Submitted by Blake on Thu, 03/22/2001 - 10:25

T. G. McFadden, the Director @ Schaffer Library, Union College in Schenectady, NY has written this look at Questia.

And while we\'re on the subject, a couple people have asked what happened to the Questia interview. I spoke with someone at the company who said they would rather not answer so many important questions in that format, and would rather answer each person individually.Read on for T.G.\'s look at Questia.

\"The following observations and findings are based on a limited, but perhaps not unrepresentative, trial of how Questia handles certain authors and subjects in areas familiar to me. Naturally, any conclusions or results should be independently verified.

Amazon Chair Under Investigation by S.E.C for Possible Inside Trading

Submitted by Ieleen on Fri, 03/09/2001 - 15:38

From The New York Times

The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating stock sales by Jeffrey P. Bezos, the chairman of, in early February just before a Wall Street firm released a negative research report on the company, according to a person close to the matter.

New list on Integrated Library Systems

Submitted by Blake on Mon, 02/19/2001 - 18:15

Erik Lewis writes \"
After much thought and deliberation I have founded a new listserv to deal with library
automation. I don\'t feel there is a single list or website in existence that is what I consider a top notch source of information on the subject of
Integrated Library Systems. So I have started one with the purpose of sharing information about library automation. Hopefully this will allow

Library Product News from Library Buyer's Guide

Submitted by birdie on Tue, 11/02/1999 - 11:00

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