Speck by Speck, Dust Piles Up

Article about dust. Man with a 31,000 volume library is mentioned. Full article:
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Time for a New Theory of Money

By understanding that money is simply credit, we unleash it as a powerful tool for our communities.

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7 Ways to Transform Banking

Each of us can help build a resilient financial system that will serve real people in real communities.

Article here:

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It's Time: The Wristwatch Makes A Comeback

With clocks being built into almost every digital gadget and machine, wristwatch sales have seen a decline in the past few years. But market analysts say the centuries-old time-telling tool is trying to make a comeback.

Wristwatch sales are actually on the rise this year, according to June Rhee, the fashion watch buyer for the Macy's department store chain.

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Painting based on Hemingway's "Torrents of Spring"

Painting based on Hemingway's "Torrents of Spring"

Painting depicts the train station in Petosky, Michigan
from Hemingway's book "The Torrents of Spring"

Petosky is the birthplace of Claude Shannon

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The Desk Setup: A Look At Librarian Computers

The Desk Setup

Like many technologists, I may have had some vague notion that librarians had something to contribute to discussions about information and metadata and standards and access, but my concept of what librarians did and what they knew probably had more to do with stereotypes and anecdote than on an understanding of reality. Which is a shame. Although in the last few years I think we’ve done a really good job of making clearer connections between libraries and technology, I don’t think anyone is surprised when librarians are omitted from discussions about and between prominent technologists, such as the one facilitated by the Setup. (Note: by “librarians” I mean anyone who works in, with, or for libraries. Hat tip to Eli Neiburger for saying what I’d been thinking, only less clearly, for some time before he said those words out loud.)

Variation on the sexy librarian trope

Making Ignorance Chic

Op-ed in the NYT by Maureen Dowd

Casanova’s rule for seduction was to tell a beautiful woman she was intelligent and an intelligent woman she was beautiful.

The false choice between intellectualism and sexuality in women has persisted through the ages. There was no more poignant victim of it than Marilyn Monroe.

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In case your community could not afford fireworks last night...

Here is a recording of some of our local fireworks in northeast Ohio seen last night:

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Keep Calm and Carry On

Libraries and librarians are always dealing with some sort of crisis. I recently saw this and thought that other librarians might appreciate seeing it.

Wikipedia entry for Keep Calm and Carry on

Great variation on Keep Calm and Carry On

Another good variation



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