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Ghana Libraries to be diversified

News From Ghanan where The Ghana Library Board (GLB) is to take delivery of 10 mobile library vans from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) this year as part of efforts to revamp its outreach programme and serve as the fulcrum for devolving knowledge at the grassroots.

The vans to be located in every region, would serve as the springboard to make available vital educational materials to rural communities and students who require such critical knowledge for their educational pursuits.


Libraries phase out bookmobiles

Anonymous Patron writes "The OCRegister has some Sad News. Demand for the service falls as costs increase. Only two cities in Orange County still have them.The nation's bookmobiles are slowly going the way of the dinosaurs, killed off not by meteors, but by new technology and rising fuel prices. On Thursday, Santa Ana became the latest city to say goodbye to the bookmobile, citing high costs and relatively low patronage."


From Bookmobile to BiblioServiceBus

Anonymous Patron writes "Libraries and other services are having a hard time keeping up their service levels. The BiblioServiceBus is a Dutch initiative whereby a number of organisations and services joined forces to offer the inhabitants a much wider service than just borrowing books. From banking services to health information to reporting small crimes to the police. It's all part of the


Japan Donates Five Fully Loaded Bookmobiles to Syria

DAMASCUS - Ministry of Culture received Wednesday a Japanese culture gift consisting of five mobile public libraries as part of an agreement signed between the two governments in 2003 to narrow the gap between urban, rural and distant areas in some Syrian governorates, Syrian Arab News Agency reports.

The USD-265,000-gift included libraries equipped with bookshelves, service tables and 29-inch TV sets, video equipment to tour distant areas in Aleppo, Hama, al-Hasaka, Raqqa and Deir Ezzour.


Fargo Public Library Ends Bookmobile Service

Anonymous Patron writes "This city's bookmobile has come to a halt, after more than four decades of service.
"It is kind of a sad day for us," said Nancy Giere, bookmobile coordinator for the Fargo Public Library.
The decision to retire the library on wheels was made last summer, but it was news to most of the children who were informed last week. Cindy Hutchins, principal at Nativity Elementary, said she announced it last Wednesday.
Library Director Charles Pace said the bookmobile no longer makes sense now that there will be library branches on both sides of town in addition to the downtown site. The 16-year-old vehicle also was getting worn down, and a new one would cost at least $250,000, he said."


Wheeled Library Sets on Bulgaria-wide Tour

Not Many Details Here, but The Sofia News Agency reports from Bulgaria where Classic and modern books will be delivered even to the remotest parts of Bulgaria through the mobile library to set off by June.

The idea, which will be implemented for the first time in the country after the example of other states, was presented by Deputy Culture Minister Nadezhda Zaharieva.

Every seventh Bulgarian or 13% of the country's population is illiterate, according to latest surveys. The worrisome percentages of illiteracy among Bulgarians is pertaining mainly to the ethnic minority groups, such as Roma population where 60% of the youth lacks basic education.

The Camel Mobile Library Service

teaperson writes "From The Guardian:

"There was excitement when the library camels appeared on the horizon, refusing to be hurried from their patient progress. The animals set down their cargo, and the staff from the Garissa Provincial Library assembled the tent, laid down mats and unpacked the books."

Yes, in Kenya, an underserved district of nomads sends books around on camels. The Guardian is also supporting an appeal for Book Aid International, which funds this effort (among others)."


Dot's Mobile Library

A charming 2003 profile (Real Audio required) of librarian Dorothy Metcalfe, who has been driving the bookmobile around Nidderdale in North Yorkshire in the UK for the last 34 years. From the excellent BBC program Home Truths, and introduced by the late, great John Peel.


Kenyan Camel Library On The Move

For the nomads of north-east Kenya, a library in a building would not be suitable...hence this unusual but completely functional Camel Library. Three caravans serve 3,500 registered users, and the schools are seeing an improvement in student work.
Very cool pictures and story from the BBC

Just wish we can a camel icon...

Update by Dan G. Borrowed from Slashdot but here's a camel.
Camelthanks Dan G! -birdie


Reaching the unreached: Innovating learning through boats in Bangladesh

The digital opportunity channel - New Delhi,India has one on a neat project in northern Bangladesh. Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha has devised an innovative way of providing educational services to river-locked citizens. The organisation, established in 1982 for upgrading the standard of living of the destitute communities who are socially disadvantaged, has built libraries in boats for providing education to the students unable to reach regular schools.



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