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Post Apocalyptic Library Commercials

This one from the good folks over at Boing Boing:

"When I was in fifth grade, Mississippi Public Broadcasting decided to introduce a series of short films to educate children on how to use the library. For some godforsaken reason, the people at MPB decided that the best way to do this would be through a post-apocalyptic science fiction serial with children roaming the blasted earth in a… bookmobile… like a cross between 'Reading Rainbow' and 'Damnation Alley.' Confused? So was I. I loved the library and post-apocalyptic movies and television programs, and even I was completely nonplussed. Apparently someone has uploaded the entire run onto YouTube. The music still gives me the creeps!"

The adventure begins!

Digital Bookmobile to Launch National Tour in the Big Apple

The Digital Bookmobile (, a traveling community outreach exhibit for public library download services, will kick off a national tour on August 10 in Central Park with The New York Public Library ( The inaugural event will allow readers of all ages to experience digital audiobook, eBook, music, and video downloads from their public library and immerse themselves in an interactive learning environment. Events are scheduled at Queens Borough Public Library and Brooklyn Public Library in the days following the Central Park launch.

From the first bookmobile driver...

An Obit from Monroe,MI, for Evelyn Obenchain, the first Monroe County bookmobile driver.

The Monroe woman began working for Monroe County Library System in 1942 and worked for a total of 23 years, most of them as the bookmobile driver. She drove until poor health forced her to stop.

Bookmobile reminds us libraries are for books

I'll never miss an opportunity to post a story on Book Mobiles! Here's One From Wisconsin State Journal: Since 1967, the big green bus has been chugging around the county, making sure those who can 't get to a bricks and mortar library can maintain their contact with literacy.

But the bookmobile is becoming something of a dinosaur around the country. Though there are still about 900 operating -- it is a big country, you know -- they are slowly being displaced. The Boston Globe reports bookmobiles are going out of business all over Massachusetts and that those that remain in operation are struggling.


Asia Foundation Launches Mobile Library Initiative

bookieincolorado writes "Asia Foundation Launches Mobile Library Initiative in Sri Lanka.
The San Francisco-based Asia Foundation, with support from the AIG Disaster Relief Fund and Give2Asia, has announced a new mobile library initiative designed to serve an estimated eighty thousand families and children living in southern and eastern Sri Lanka.

The mobile libraries will be stationed in the communities of Hambantota, Hikkaduwa, Kattankudy, and Thirukkovil, all of which were affected by the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004. The foundation has retrofitted buses as mobile libraries stocked with books selected by local authorities and available in Sinhala, Tamil, and English, as well as a laptop computer, multimedia projector, and educational DVDs. obilelibraries.html"

Stamford CT's Purple Bus Has An Anniversary

Article from the Stamford (CT) Times about their Purple Bus,...and here's a photo of same.

From the paper: What is big and purple and carries school children? The Ferguson Library's Purple Bus, of course. This fall marks the 10th anniversary of the library's Purple Bus service.

The eye-catching Purple Bus brings classes from Stamford pre-school and elementary schools to the library during the school year. Last year, 138 pre-school and elementary school classes visited the library on the Purple Bus; a total of 2,953 students all together.

Younger children receive an introduction to the library while the older students learn how to perform research using the library's many resources, including the online catalog and research databases.


Mobile library leaves trail of bookworms

A mobile library is changing the lives of children in this remote village in Uttar Pradesh. This library does not move in a van or a car. A team of 45 dedicated volunteers carry books to different areas of the block, which is about 20 kilometres from Amethi district, and the adjoining areas on bicycles or on foot.
Each library has 400 to 700 books but the librarian carries 100-125, which are circulated. The NGO Pratham provides the books and pays the librarians an honorarium of Rs 500 per month. Sanjay Tiwari, a Pratham volunteer in Gauriganj, says: "We also give books free now and then."

Bibliomulas: Venezuela's Mobile Libraries

infodiva writes "I found this great news story via the boing-boing blog...BBC News reports that a university in Venezuela is using a novel method to take books into remote communities and encourage people to read: book mules. Yes, actual mules. See the entire story at _correspondent/6929404.stm"


Japanese man on one-man mission to distribute books by bicycle

Here's the best story we're posted in weeks! It has something for everyone, bikes, Japan, and books! Kazuhiro Doi is on a one-man mission to change the world by pulling a mobile library on a bicycle around Japan.

For more than two years, the 28-year-old has been distributing books on the environment, civil disputes and other social issues on a custom-made bicycle with a waterwheel-shaped bookshelf across his native Japan, the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper reported.


Bookmobile takes library to rural CO areas

Colorado Springs Gazette Has One on The Pikes Peak Library District bookmobile. Six days a week, weather permitting, the district’s two bookmobiles trek out to the small towns scattered across the vast expanses of the county north and east of Colorado Springs. In an area where a visit to a bricks-and-mortar library can be a daylong haul, the arrival of the library on wheels is a big deal — like Santa arriving by sleigh. Folks with totes and plastic grocery sacks crowd aboard the vehicle, eagerly choosing from the 4,500 books, magazines, CDs and videos.



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