Article on Sanford Berman by Holocaust Group

Steve Fesenmaier writes "The University of Minnesota Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies has published a nice article about Sanford Berman's many efforts in libraries to fight for human rights. Read it in their current fall 2007 newsletter.

Local Librarian
Fights for Armenian
One might think that the issues of libraries
escape those who do research and
teach about genocide. After all, has a library
been mentioned in the Darfur genocide
discourse? However, in 2003, Rebecca
Knuth published a monograph,
Libricide: The State Sponsored Destruction of
Books and Libraries in the Twentieth Century
(Greenwood Press). In case readers might
think this is an artificial subject, one might
reflect on the famous quote by the German
poet Heinrich Heine which is now at
the Bebelplatz at Humboldt University in
Berlin: "Where they have burned books,
they will end in burning human beings."
Luckily, this hasn't happened in Minnesota.
One reason is because of a local
retired librarian "watchdog," Sandy Berman.
read .

the rest of the story on page 9 [PDF]"

Being a Librarian...A People Job

Profile of Elissa Kinzelman, who will graduate this spring as a medical librarian (University of Wisconsin--Racine), but came to it a bit later in life, via a Masters in Anthropology.


Meet Charles Simic, New Poet Laureate

Meet the fifteenth poet laureate of the United States, Charles Simic of New Hampshire. Here's a profile from the International Herald Tribune of the Yugoslav immigrant who started writing poetry to impress girls.

The post of poet laureate is chosen by the Librarian of Congress, James Billington.


Meet Jim Rettig ALA's New President-Elect

The head librarian at the University of Richmond (VA) is now also president-elect of the ALA. He received his education at Marquette University where he earned a master's degree in English, then enrolled at the University of Wisconsin, where in 1975 he earned a master's in library science. He has been a member of ALA since 1976.

Here's the story. Congrats Jim and good luck on a challenging job.


Meet Dionne Mack-Harvin, Director of the Brooklyn Public Library

Introducing the new director of the Brooklyn Public Library, Profile of Dionne Mack-Harvin, a long-time employee of the system.

She grew up in Harlem in a single-parent household best described as book-deprived, but was raised to know college was mandatory. She attended the SUNY College at Brockport and was the first in her family to graduate from college. After receiving a MLS degree from the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy in Albany, she took a bottom-rung librarian's job at the Brooklyn library in 1996. She figured she would last a year. Instead, she stayed on through a decade of rapid promotions because, she says, when you work in a library, "at the end of the day you can go home knowing you've done something good." From the New York Times.


Sandy Berman 2007 - still unretired

Steve Fesenmaier writes "Sanford Berman 2007 revised

Sandy Berman was forced to retired in March 1999. He resigned from the ALA Council the next June after just getting elected to it by a large number of votes. Lots of people kept the great injustice of his forced retirement in the library press for a year or two afterwards, but few know that Sandy has been as active retired as he ever was working full-time at Hennepin County.

Just in the last month he gave presentations at the UCLA Dept. of Information Studies and the College of St. Catherine's Progressive Librarian Guild student chapter in St. Paul, Minnesota. On a weekly basis he sends out at least 100 pieces of mail to friends, politicians, and interested groups, making him the most active librarian in the world.

Meet Dawn Kiddell: A Librarian Who Has Found Her Stride

Chief librarian at the Cornwall (ON)Public Library , Kiddell's other passion is long distance running. She loves it, and is very good at it...the recipient of medals from marathons in New York, Ottawa, Big Sur, Hartford, Philadelphia and more.

Here's a profile and Q&A session with Kiddell, in which she is asked about librarian stereotypes (of course), but also about her favorite wine & cheese. Kiddell started running in an effort to lose weight after her second baby was she's hooked.


Evelyn Gahyan, A Berkeley Librarian Who's Been Around the Block

Evelyn Gahyan has worked as a reference librarian at the Berkeley Public Library for around 50 years with the exception of two years when she served abroad with the Army Library Service in Germany and France. Here's her experience in a nutshell--from the Berkeley Daily Planet.


Busy librarian also saves lives

Cheryl Barker Is A Librarian and a St Johns volunteer down in New Zeland. During one period Cheryl remembers volunteering 39 hours, working 40 at the library, studying for her library studies through the Open Polytechnic and studying for her certificated for St Johns.

"It was just crazy and quite stressful."

There were things about the service she would never get used to ? like seeing hurt children.

"It doesn't get any easier, you just learn how to better deal with it."

Ready for Retirement and Ready to Read/Travel/Write...

The Nesses are a his and her couple of librarians. Mark Nesse, 63, has served as the director or the Everett WA library for thirty years; wife Sheila Nesse 64 is a reference librarian at Mukilteo Library, part of the Sno-Isle Regional Library System. Both are retiring today.

The two look back fondly at their careers and also take a look at how they will spend the years ahead at Herald Net.



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