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"Quiet, Please" & McSweeney's author Scott Douglas has announced plans for a book give away; one book a week will be given away beginning at the end of March and extending into April. He is currently looking for ideas on what the contest should be. Share your idea with him at [email protected] or by <a href="">commenting on the blog</a>: Complete contest details will become available in February. launches online community

Hi all - I launched <a href="">online discussion forums</a> at yesterday, and would love to see you there! <a href="">,</a> the largest free library career portal on the Internet, is pleased to announce the launch of its new online community for librarians. Devoted entirely to career development and job hunting, these forums provide a space for librarians, LIS students, library workers, and information professionals to discuss professional development issues: <a href=""></a> “I’m excited to be able to offer this space for collaboration and discussion,” says Rachel Singer Gordon, webmaster, “As librarians, we know that we work and learn best in community — I look forward to watching the forums grow.” Current forum moderators include: * Michael Stephens, LIS schools * Jess Bruckner, Jumpstart your career * Meredith Farkas, Professional development and participation * Susanne Markgren, Talking tenure * Kim Dority, Professional writing * Sophie Brookover, Work/life balance In recent related developments, Info Career Trends,’s professional development newsletter, has moved to the Wordpress platform to better serve its subscribers. Its long-time career Q&A columnists, Tiffany Allen and Susanne Markgren, have moved to their own blog, and author/entrepreneur Kim Dority joins in with her new monthly column on “Rethinking Information Careers.”

FreeRice - Boost Your Vocabulary and Feed Hungry People

The website FreeRice ( has two purposes. First, they want to help people improve their English vocabulary. The site gives you a word and four possible synonyms. Get it right, and you advance to a higher level with tougher words.

At the same time, advertisers who appear at the bottom of the screen donate 10 grains of rice per correct word to the World Food Programme, which in turn sends it to countries in need around the world.

As of now, FreeRice has paid for just under 4 billion grains of rice, hovering at around 200 million grains per day. Not bad considering it launched on October 7 with 830 grains!

Hale Manufacturing: Lovely Library Furniture

I feel like I owe a plug to those nice guys over at HALE for all the free beer @ALA. Hale Manufacturing prides itself on being artisians in quality wood craft and although they are best known for bookcases, they can also custom build any variation of bookcases or office furniture that you can dream up.
Check out some of their custom built library pieces, Recent Installs, or The Catalog.


May is Free Museum Month, for BOA cardholders

mdoneil writes "Bank of America is underwriting admission fees to museums. Many museums in a dozen or so states are participating. A BOA credit card, ATM, or MBNA card plus ID will get you into 85+ museums for free.
I wouldn't run out and open a BOA card just to get this, but since I already have one I may take advantage of it.
For the complete scoop see the BOA Museums on Us website.
If it is free, it is for me!"


Tax day

mdoneil writes "Hey Blake it is tax refund time (woo hoo) how about posting that friendly PayPal link again?
If anyone from the IRS calls I really am a sixty-seven year old deaf woman with 12 kids. My refund should be here on the 20th say the nice folks at the IRS."


For Your Librarian Shopping List - Booksling

I saw the Everyday Innovations - Booksling over on LifeHacker today.
"Some things are just better kept together. BookSling keeps your pen or highlighter with your book. Why would you want it any other way? Whether you're on the road or just lying in bed, it's nice to know your tool of choice is always within easy reach- write where you need it."


"In My Book" Cards: Great Librarian Gift Ideas

Next to a BOOK, what's the best present to give a book-loving friend? (or to keep for yourself?)
Why the elegant, long-line cards available at In My Book.

Add one to the gift of a book, put in a gift certificate to your local bookstore, or if you're feeling generous, throw in a wad of cash!
(LISNews author "birdie" is actually Robin K. Blum, who runs In My Book when she's not busy posting stories here. Support her hard work @LISNews by buying some cards!)


reblogging: ADHD librarian

not the ADHD librarian writes "Yes, it is back. The hyperactive librarian has returned to blogging, and you should check it out because I am witty and I write reel good. Um, I mean HE writes well and is funny. I'm just a random librarian who is a fan of this site and am in no way the hyperactive librarian myself. Honest?"



JET wants us to know that an Italian manufacturer has designed the Bibliochaise, an armchair that incorporates five linear meters (16.4041995 feet for us Amurricans) of bookshelves into its construction.



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