Tattooed Librarians


...on Huff Post.


Headline of article is: Librarian Tattoo Calendar Challenges Stereotypes

Having a tattoo does not challenge the stereotype. The bun wearing shushing librarian stereotype is long dead. Now the stereotype is hipster tattooed librarians.

There was a time when having a neck tattoo meant you were in the Russian mob or the Yakuza. Now it indicates you are a soccer mom. The tattoo trend is a sold decade old. Having a tattoo just means you are conventional.

On one level a tattoo is a commitment because supposedly it last forever. But this is America so $10,000 and a laser and forever becomes whenever you want the tattoo gone. Tattoos are also easy. The message or image is stuck to you and there is no effort in carrying it around.

Instead of a tattoo, select a book and carry it wherever you go. Don't switch books. Only carry one book and always have it with you. That is commitment and that is cooler than a tattoo.

Every time someone wants to write an article about "edgy" librarians, the inevitably find some chick with really weird looking dreads, and/or tattoos. I don't care what you call me, and I don't care about the "image" of librarians - just pay me what I'm worth!

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