Who ever thought that a librarian would be overqualified to work in a library?

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This trend of deprofessionalizing librarians, in Edinburgh's (Scotland) case, calling librarians "audience development officers" deserves a ginormous WTF??!!

Where do Audience Development Officers work? In a library, or in an Audience Development Station? I don't even know what those three words are supposed to mean. It's like they took all the words in the dictionary that could relate to a librarian and threw them all out and these were the three that were left. Seriously, all I can think is that an Audience Development Officer is just someone who opens the doors in the morning and lets people into the library.

Culture leader Cllr Deidre Brock said: "Growing use of the internet for reference and information is enabling us to structure the service so that our staff can better cater to our customers' needs."

Really? "Enabling" Let's put that positive spin on a bad situation.

So Dierdre is telling us that libraries are killing off the librarians.

Figures show there were only 66 full-time equivalent (FTE) qualified librarians in May this year, compared to 85.2 a year earlier. And 24 per cent of the city's 26 libraries no longer employ a head librarian.

Under the council's libraries review, all 300 staff are to be given new job roles and job descriptions, while staff have new teams and managers.

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Job Posting: Alaska State Library - Outreach Librarian

Application and full listing available at

- Are you PASSIONATE about libraries?
- Have you ever told someone you barely know that they ought to use a proprietary database or other library resource?
- Would you like to design and implement a distance education program?
- Are you a self-starter who thrives in a collegial atmosphere?
- If you answered "yes" to more than one question, then apply to be the Alaska State Library's newly designated Outreach Librarian!

Help raise awareness of core library services to state employees. Help us get our program of distance instruction and web tutorials from dreams to reality. Meet people from around the state and from every region of planet Earth.

What does an Outreach Librarian do?

Generally speaking:

- Promotes awareness of State Library services to state agency employees through direct contacts by mail, phone and physical visits,
- Coordinates and supports library educational and other outreach activities for State employees and others, and
- Provides reference and bibliographic services to selected state agencies and to the public. As part of reference, the successful candidate will spend between 8-10 hours a week on our public reference desk.

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