Suggestions for collaborating on a Word document?

In a club I belong to, I'm on a committee to edit a handbook, which was previously created as a Word file. I was hoping that we could get a lot of the work done online, if I just uploaded the existing document to Google Docs and invited everyone as "collaborators" so everyone can make edits.

The problem is, Google Docs does not preserve the page divisions, and just presents everything as one long page. (I checked the help screen, and showing page divisions is not currently an available feature.) Since this document will eventually be printed, I'd like everyone to be able to see how it divides up into pages, since this is a formatting issue that will affect how we design the document.

Does anyone know of an online collaboration tool that will allow you to edit word processing documents, and will properly display them as individual pages?

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What you propose is tricky. Citadel is a groupware package that can get the job done...but you have to install it on a server somewhere. You can find out more about it at .

The other way you can go, if your group is technically minded, is to use Subversion (found at to control the versioning. Leo Laporte brought that up once upon a time on [email protected] relative to a book project between him and Amber MacArthur. He noted that it worked but wasn't pretty. There are plenty of hosts of Subversion out there so such would be a matter of just installing software.

Both ways would keep pagination intact as you don't have to transmogrify your document into another format.
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