Stolen rare documents returned to Vt. library

A brazen thief strolled into the lower level of the Bailey / Howe Library last year and walked off with the letters. Federal prosecutors said the crook was Barry Landau, whom they described as a con man masquerading as a presidential researcher and historian. Landau pled guilty and was sentenced in June to seven years in prison for plundering a string of libraries and archives along the East Coast. Investigators said Landau planned to sell the autographs to collectors.

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Once again, there is another story about a library theif, but no photograph of the thief was given. These guys live in a nether world, and do everything to keep from being identified.

Whenever there is a conviction of library theft, the perpertrator needs to be photographed, and the photo widely displayed. Not only will it inhibit the thief from stealing from libraries again, but it helps librarians in other libraries identify someone who may have visited their library, and stolen something.

I'd guess the fact that he was actually sent down for 7 years means they think they don't need one now.
Maybe they used one when he was originally arrested?

It's's not difficult to locate photos of Landau or his accomplice, Jason Savedoff. Here's a link to an interesting background article, with photos of both:

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