Stink Bomb in The Book Drop in Scarsdale NY Library

The first “Finals Night” at the Scarsdale Public Library did not go as planned on Tuesday June 15, when a stink bomb was thrown into the library drop box around 7:45 pm. The odorous contents of the bomb could be smelled throughout the library, and concerned staff called the police to report it.

According to SHS Junior Zach Edelman who was studying at the library at the time, the stink bomb smelled like garlic and onions and the fumes were tolerable. However, once the report was made, emergency responders arrived in droves and forced everyone to leave the building and wait in the library plaza. The area was taped off and those who had been inside were told that they could not leave the scene until HAZMAT workers could investigate.

Edelman reports that the stink bomb incident was treated as a full-scale emergency. In addition to police cars there were fire trucks, HAZMAT workers sporting gas masks and even an emergency spill team. The students waited 20-30 minutes for officials to arrive and were told that depending on the findings of the HAZMAT team, those who were inside the library may have to be decontaminated and showered off.

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