Stand Down Notice

Transcript of the audio message: By a unanimous vote, that is to say a four to zero vote, of network producers the LISNews Netcast Network is undertaking a stand down period. The stand down begins at 0430 UTC on April 10th and lasts until 0330 UTC on April 20th. During this ten day stand down, network producers will be hard at work catching up on writing features for release. Network programming will resume with LISTen on April 20th being released on or near 0400 UTC. For those concerned librarians out there, please do not worry. This wasn't something I dictated. This stand down was initiated on the request of a producer that was put to a vote. Just because the network has an Interim Coordinator does not mean it has a despot ruling it. I'm Stephen Michael Kellat, Interim Coordinator of the Network. Thank you for listening.