Sony to Cut E-Book Prices and Offer New Readers


Adding to mounting tensions in the publishing industry over the pricing of electronic books, Sony Electronics announced Tuesday evening that it was lowering prices for new and best-selling books in its e-book store, to $9.99 from $11.99.

Full story in the NYT


In a related story on NPR -New Sony E-book Reader $100 Cheaper Than Kindle there is this line: The Kindle can only download books from Amazon's store, while Sony's Readers can display texts sold in the "epub" format — an open standard supported by the International Digital Publishing Forum that numerous publishers use to make e-books.

The support of an open standard I thought was interesting.

While the lower prices are nice, I've found myself leaning towards pdf copies of ebooks available at other online retailers. I like the comfort of knowing that I'll be able to use my ebooks even if something happens to my Sony Reader.

I find that I still prefer using the ereader, though. Last month I bought a book and read it on my 10 inch netbook (the batteries were run down on my ereader) and the scrolling-scrolling-scrolling kind of drove me batty after a while. I'm not sure how people can use an iphone or itouch to read whole books.... :)

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