Somewhere to hide?

The Buffalo News, here in Buffalo, NY, has quite a Front Page Story, on privacy in the information age.
Most well informed people already know, you have very little privacy anymore.
The problem with this story, however, is they imply that the information the public library is somehow equal to the information contained in any number of commercial or medical databses. The first picture from the headline is even a book being checked out.

Is anyone bothered by this? While they don\'t come out and say it, it is implied that library records are somehow public information, or the records are sold.The public library is mentioned with a Video Store!

\"She stops at the library for a book, or the video store for a steamy movie and computers record those transactions.\"They\'re watching you.

Many moves you make are now recorded by some organization and stored in a computer.

Right now, your name is sitting in numerous databases - hundreds of databases, some privacy experts believe. Whoever these people tracking you are, you don\'t know them.

Much of your life is now an open book.