SIRS Launches Free Interactive Resource Guide


SIRS Mandarin, Inc. has announced the launch of the SIRS Resource Center, an evolving collection of educational Internet resources for students, teachers and librarians. Lesson plans, online reference tools and library resources
can be found in this free, interactive resource guide. Elementary, middle and high school students can explore a diverse array of online stories, songs, word games, books and more in the Students section of the SIRS Resource Center. Selected for their coverage of school curricula as
well as their creative content and visual appeal, sites are categorized by grade level and subject. Activities help students to develop skills such as writing, research, problem-solving and critical thinking in an enjoyable and
intuitive way. \'Homework Help\' sites allow students to seek real-time homework assistance or locate useful reference information for projects and homework assignments. High school students can browse \'College Bound\' sites for information about college programs and scholarships.

Teachers interested in online resources to support their mathematics, arts & humanities, language arts, science, government, history or special education classes can log onto the Teachers section of the SIRS Resource Center.
Lesson plans, worksheets, grammar tools, multilingual dictionaries, instructional materials and links to educator networks and government institutions are just some of the classroom support tools available to teachers.

The SIRS Resource Center is also a one-stop reference guide for librarians. Links to book awards, library associations, online book reviews, online reference directories and full-text electronic journals are among the many sites found in the Librarians section.

Additional SIRS Resource Center sections include Spotlight, a monthly feature highlighting SIRS Researcher\'s Spotlight of the Month topics and Community, a link to schools and libraries using SIRS products to promote learning.

In addition, SIRS Mandarin has released its Student Success Modules, a series of reference materials designed to help high school and college students enhance their study skills and writing strategies. Located in the Reference Section of the SIRS Resource Center, the Student Success Modules
provide an insightful overview of techniques and strategies that improve students\' time management and study skills. Written by SIRS\' staff, the Student Success Modules provide clear, step-by-step instructions that guide students on the path to successful learning. Modules include \'Mastering Your Time,\' \'Goals & Academic Success,\' \'Effective Writing Strategies,\' \'Effective Lecture Note-Taking Strategies\' and more.

Access to the SIRS Resource Center is available via a link from the SIRS Mandarin Web site home page at