Simon & Schuster joins in

Simon & Schuster has announced that they are going to be offering E-books this fall. Read the article from Mercury Center.\"Consumers will be able to download the electronic books, or e-books, at the Web sites of online retailers such as They can read the books on their computer screens using Microsoft Reader or Glassbook software, on an eBook or SoftBook device, or on personal digital assistants.\"
\"We\'re putting our stake in the ground,\'\' said Adam Rothberg, vice president and director of corporate communications at Simon & Schuster.\"

\"The titles include a biography tracking the life of the next president, from childhood to Election Day (Nov. 7), to be sold for $5 beginning at 12:01 a.m. Nov. 8.\"

\"Other books will be published simultaneously in digital and traditional paper-and-ink formats. One of those is ``Morgan\'s Run,\'\' by Colleen McCullough, author of ``The Thorn Birds.\'\'

\"Simon & Schuster\'s announcement follows similar news during the past month from competitors Random House and Time Warner\'s iPublish unit.\"

\"A new imprint at Random House, AtRandom, will publish 20 new electronic book titles starting in January. An additional 100 works of classic literature from its Modern Library imprint will be published in electronic form.\"

\"Time Warner\'s unit released a list of its electronic book titles that will be available starting in September. The majority have already been published in traditional, hard-copy format and are now being offered as e-books.\"

\"E-books have mostly been available on a one-time basis. The most high-profile example, Stephen King\'s ``Riding the Bullet,\'\' was downloaded 500,000 times in two days when he released it through Simon & Schuster in March.\"

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