Shooter Read Sexist Christian Author's Book Before Female Aerobics Class Massacre


Huffington Post blog entry:
Media analysis has so far ignored or glossed over Sodini's religious affiliations but the shooter's Internet diary suggest his last readings were the Bible and a book by a Texas evangelist, R.B. Thieme, Jr. who has written that husbands own their wives, as literal property and promoted an odd teaching that for each man on Earth there exists only one correct "right woman" in all creation. According to Thieme, men can recognize their divinely-appointed opposites without physical contact, through something Thieme called "soul climax"


So what is the point of this Huffington Post piece? Should all books that could improperly influence psychopaths be banned?

that namely if you are going to have a go at video games or heavy metal or especially books (and more especially ones about gay relationships, sex and anti-religious views) for bringing down society, creating an unseen level of violence and hatred and drugs and underage pregnancies and generally being blamed for everything perceived as wrong in the world, you need to also include the religious texts in that argument.

You can't pick and choose what takes the blame. If a book about having 2 mummies is bad then someone reading a religious tract (of any description) is also fair game. You can't hold a religious book to a higher value and say it had nothing to do with it. Why not? Just as likely.

that freaking blog post is all over the place... do extreme views of Christianity cause you to shoot women? ... does sleeping alone cause you to shoot women?... does looking for the one-right-woman cause you to shoot women? and then he concludes his rant with some complete psycho-babble about "did R.B. Thieme Jr.'s teachings, which saddle male-female relations with almost impossibly idealistic expectations, exacerbate preexisting socio-sexual alienation to the point where George Sodini felt unable to relate to the female sex in any other manner than down the barrel of a loaded gun ?" Really? Drama, much?

OMG, I can point to 100 million people with "preexisting socio-sexual alienation"... they're called "married people." (thank you Jeff Foxworthy)

I'd say this individual was deeply troubled; the crazy theology he subscribed to certainly didn't help matters, but one theme I noticed throughout in his quoted personal blog postings is the theme of self-pity and ZERO self-reflection or self-criticism. Total externalizing of his problems, and a total refusal to accept responsibility for the course of his life. Sounds like a very narcissistic person, which seems to be common among mass-shooters. The nutty theology and fringe church he belonged to probably greatly hindered his ability to connect socially with people outside the congregation (one wonders what the male/female ratio was in that church, for example), and probably made it hard for him to tell that his worldview was skewed and probably off-putting to most rational adults. He must've viewed himself as blameless.

With age and maturity, I've come to understand my own role in my ups and downs with relationships, the opportunities I passed up, the self-sabotage I unconsciously engaged in, etc. I've been married and divorced (no kids, thank goodness), but I understand that I've got no one to blame but myself for my less than stellar track record with relations with the opposite sex. I probably will never remarry (though I'd still like to date casually), and I'm okay with the idea of that. I take solace in the lives of great men & women who never married but nonetheless led full and noteworthy lives.

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