Sex Monster Looks for 'Easy Targets' in Library

I don't know what to say. Just read the article and you won't know what to say either. <a href="">Sex Monster Looks for 'Easy Targets' in Library</a>.


This sure is disturbing. Do you actually have a news reader or something set up to show you each and every story of child molestation in a library anywhere in the world? Really? This is really what you do? With the expectation that your close attention will change library policies in Singapore?

Clearly, stringent filtering policies in U.S. libraries will prevent predatory behavior in Singapore. (If a butterfly's flapping can cause a tornado halfway across the world, why can't policies that limit access to valuable sites in the U.S. affect child molesters in Asia?)

Either that, or SL just loves to be an alarmist.

Your choice. I made mine long ago.

No Walt, it's because the libraries in the wide-open land of Singapore are just full of unfiltered Internet porn.

Ah yes, Singapore, the wide-open land of no jury trials, laws restricting free speech that might breed ill will, caning...and, to be sure, censorship of all "pornography" including Playboy, as well as anything that regards homosexuality as normal, etc., etc., etc.

About as wide-open as SafeLibrary's mind.

I must have misread that article. I thought Sex Monster was a band traveling to the libraries of Singapore, delighting youths and distributing candy.

Safelibraries' stuff has always been too cerebral for me.

This article only mentions libraries very briefly; it's not only irrelevant, but prurient in the extreme. I haven't visited this site in a while, have the posting policies changed? I don't exactly come here to read about "sex monsters."