Serving Diverse Population


Here is an interesting column out of Excite news. I agree with the topic, but check out the first paragraph...Is it me or does this make no sense at all?

\"Widespread use of the Internet in educational applications has made the public library all but obsolete. Although the Internet is accessible virtually everywhere, there is a problem with relying solely on cyberspace to educate the masses.\"

If Public Libraries cease to exist, who will help in \"educating the masses\"?

Although most public schools and a number of libraries offer Internet access, those children and adults without the same tools in their homes are falling behind. Until everyone can be afforded Internet access, and even after that, public libraries must continue to maintain their status as a useful method of education and research.\"

\"Local libraries have been the subjects of some scrutiny lately because their programs cater to the Anglo population. An individual who does not speak English seeking to use the facilities of most Texas libraries would run into countless obstacles. Most libraries have no bi-lingual staff members, foreign-language material is extremely limited, and the amount of American works translated into foreign languages is minimal. All these drawbacks contribute to a less-informed community.\"

\"spurred by the recent steps taken by the Houston Public Library, some libraries are redirecting their spending in efforts to make libraries more diverse.\"