Service Announcement: The Week Before Easter 2011

"This is a service announcement that bridges both LISTen: An Program and Ubuntu Ohio's Burning Circle. First lets pause for a word from the Internal Revenue Service."

[IRS PSA: Last Minute Filing Tips]

"In light of this being Holy Week there is no regular episode this week for either program. Operational constraints at Erie Looking Productions also prevented the production of normal programming. It should be noted that the April 30th date for the Ubuntu Ohio state rally is scrubbed and there will be a meeting on Internet Relay Chat on Wednesday night to discuss the matter. For librarians in Ohio and surrounding states, your attendance at the Ohio rally may be quite worthwhile to learn about Linux while also building community partnerships.

"The slushpile of links this week has been posted to the relevant part of gopherspace and librarians have a special challenge to see if they can still access that arcane part of the Internet. Consider this a learning activity to assess your capability to access the fairly broad spectrum of communication modalities the Internet offers. An appropriate URL will be posted to the show post.

"With that being said, have a good Holy Week and we will be back in seven days."

The slush pile: gopher://