Seed Library Opens in La Crosse, WI Library

The La Crosse Public Library in La Crosse, WI has just <a href="">launched an heirloom seed library</a> that will allow people to check out garden seeds to plant, grow, harvest and return to the library. "We are going to catalog them by genus and species eventually and have a catalog in a public area but that will be the second step. It's not hard to do but we need people that are committed to come in today and check out the seeds and come back and get them," said La Crosse Public Library Librarian Cindy Mischnick. The starter seeds are being provided by Seed Savers of Decorah, IA, the third largest heirloom seed repository in the world. The seed library is the first of its kind in Wisconsin.


I think having a seed library is a wonderful concept. How great it would be to plant a seed from something that you only remember getting fresh from grandma's garden. Those hot summer days eating as many berries or tomatoes as you could spare, after making sure you had enough to give to your grandma for dinner! I can just envision these little patio gardens or buckets of soil and seeds being tended to bring back a long forgotten treat. But the best thing coming out of this will be the restocking of a precious commodity that we thought was long lost. Preserving a bit of our heritage you might say. Good for you LaCrosse Public Library!

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