Scroll down and read the story titled "Pervert patron prints pedo" posted by Mdoniel. What do you think?

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So now my posts are subject to opinion polls.

Well at least I am doing better than Blago. He is at 4%.

Then again I voted that I wouldn't change a thing.

Blake, how can I set up polls to see if people agree with the things others post?

If you want to be offended, be offended at this. People who don't agree with me can post a comment on the story I submitted. Never before has an opinion in a submitted story been subject to a poll to see if others agree.

What is next, removing posts based upon polls? Blocking persons from submitting stories because they don't share the same opinion as the majority? Shall we simply stop discussing the articles and just mutter our agreement in front of our computers.

Heaven forbid we discuss a topic. Hyperbole, no that is not allowed here. Toe the line or get out?

One librarian demands a search warrant for a public computer that the police want to look at to find a kidnapped (and later murdered girl) and many librarians support her. Earlier this week a librarian sees 'sexy text chats' and calls the police on a patron, and in the case instant librarians saw child pornography, remotely monitored the patron, and held him and the computer for the police.

The outrage from librarians was almost imperceptible on the RI story, and the discussion on this is more about my tone than the dichotomy between requiring a search warrant in the first case, and remotely monitoring and calling the police in the second.

Librarians want it both ways, and they simply can't have it. Either the public computers are public, or they are patron records.

Putting up a poll to see if people like my opinion, on a site devoted to Libraries and Librarians, that my friends is what I call disgusting.

I say make the names of those who responded to the poll public. If my opinion is subject to an opinion poll those who disagree can certainly publically state their opposition. 15 who agree with Birdie, and none of you bothered to post a comment on the poll.

A post Dr. McCook made earlier in the week bears repeating (although when the good doctor posted it she was referring to someone more noble than I.)

Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the dangers of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of 'crackpot' than the stigma of conformity. And on issues that seem important to you, stand up and be counted at any cost." Thomas J. Watson.

I stand up to be counted, what are you afraid of?

This load of tripe is just a lot of whining and sniveling from a willing dupe and useful idiot who supports exactly the kind of system he finds himself subject to. If anybody wants it both ways, mdoneil, it is you. Here you are demanding the due process that you would deny to others.

Why? -- WHY?! -- do right wing nuts never rejoice that the system works when they're the ones being put upon?


There is nothing that cannot be found offensive by someone, somewhere.

"Never make yourself a public monument. People piss on public monuments."

Stop whining. If you attempt to present yourself as the lone voice of reason in an "unreasonable liberal" domain, you will go down to the guillotine like other conservatives have.

It is ALL in your approach. Most of the other news or magazine articles posted here do not have the sort of editorializing that you entered into when you posted this one, There was almost as much editorializing as there was article, in fact.

Had you been as intelligent as you think you are, you would have posted the article in whole cloth, and then done the editorializing later in in response posts, rather than in the text of the original post itself.

But like most conservatives, you lack the self control and ability to think ahead that is typical of the conservative mindset. You cannot wait, you have to have it now. Long term planning is beyond you. Even an hours worth of waiting to respond to the responses to the article is totally beyond your capacity

>People who don't agree with me can post a comment on the story I submitted.

What is the difference between a poll and a comment? So if I write the comment "I agree with Birdie" everything is cool but if I click a button beside "I agree with Birdie" that is disgusting?

Only difference I see is that the poll counts the results.

A comment allows for dialogue, a poll does not.

The original post has a give and take dialogue, the poll does not.

Never before has an opinion expressed on LISNews been subject to a poll. It could be stifling - not to me of course I know many people don't agree with me and frankly I am quite fine with that as it allows for debate which fosters mutual understanding- however others may not feel as free to express their opinion if a poll will be posted asking if others agree.

Contrast them if you will to a friendly argument in the corner pub, and a drive by pie throwing. In one we can gain an understanding of one another; the other involves cowards hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. When you comment you 'own' what you write, when you click that button you throw the pie and run.

Librarians and those interested in libraries should have the courage of their convictions. Librarians should not throw pies.

>A comment allows for dialogue, a poll does not.

The poll has a comment section.

>the other involves cowards hiding behind the cloak of anonymity

LISNEWS currently allows anonymous comments. Anonymous poll vote or anonymous comments seem pretty much the same.

>It could be stifling - not to me of course

Your comment reminds me of this comic

Now that comic is stuck to the shelf at my desk in the office by my co-workers. :)

I voted in agreement with Birdie, mdoneil. I also think your histrionics here could use a good pie in the face. Providing us all with that image is perhaps the best contribution you've made to this whole exchange. Happy Friday, Alex.

As long as it is mince meat pie, and since this is the only time of year they are readily available, I am OK with that.

If LISNews people raise $500 for LISTen I will fly to Buffalo and let Blake hit me in the face with a pie. (Not mince meat I like mince meat and it is really heavy, some nice soft cream pie.)

It can be videotaped and uploaded to LISNews.

So if StephenK will post a link to the donation button, and let me know if it reaches $500 I will do it the first week of the new year.

If Blake is reluctant to pie me, I am sure Birdie will take the train down from the city, or I can stay local and have a certain local library school professor do the honors.

A very good time to come to Vegas is between CES and when NASCAR hits the Speedway up north by Nellis AFB. Schedule in mid-January and arrangements can be made. There are usually good hotel rates at Sunset Station and the Mystic Lodge/Casino and both are off-strip venues. Fiesta Henderson might be interesting too. I am happy to oblige with a button for this purpose. The button is this:
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While Vegas may sound to some like a much better option than Buffalo in the middle of January I am going to Buffalo anyway at that time. I have other stuff to do up there and I have to go to NYC for some meetings.

I need a decent beef on weck.

This particular fundraiser is off to a good start already. The kitty has USD$12 now. That only leaves USD$488.00 to go.
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The filters here won't allow me to the read the other thread now, because someone used language that filters don't approve of, as Bart Simpson said, the ironing is delicious.

In any case, like I said over there, I approved the post in question, I should've edited it and taken out the useless flamebait. There is nothing at all wrong with editorializing, but that's not the language I would want to see on the front page, I should've taken care of it.

I voted for "I agree with Birdie's comments." though I don't agree with her exactly, in this case the language was over the top.

It's the same discussion we've had on LISNews a million times. It's not what was written, it was HOW it was written.

as soon as I read the headline, I realized the reporting would be skewed... no problem here.

I think that mdoneil smears the profession with one or two examples of conduct that are not endemic by any means. I feel he swaps generalizations for accusations freely and dishonestly.

But every one here needs to lighten the hell up. The article is fine. People bash the President and Republicans all the time and take no guff. I hate the way people act like they are going to dissolve if they read something they find unpleasant or act like they just left the Amish community and they are unfamiliar with all these horrible words like "pervert."

Grow up and leave the guy and the article alone.

God, it's like a friggin' prom committee around here sometimes.

The height of professionalism is to exclude your personal opinions from your performance as much as is possible.

As a librarian, I had to deal with a lot of people whose personal political opinions revolted me. I still did my job as well for them as I did for someone I agreed with. It was my job to,

I mean, I could also be putting up the recent court decisions to prevent the State of North Carolina from creating Christian license plates, but that is pretty much irrelevant, wouldnt you say.

One could argue that its a free speech issue, and from the other side, a separation of church and state issue (the side the court came down on) but whats that got to do with librarianship.

What occured in Arkansas was the height of non-professionalism. They took a personal position on what was occuring, and then acted on it, without being up on the legal status of what they were doing.

That is to say, they took the law into their own hands, without known what the law is, even the part of the law that is pertinent to their own profession and performance of that profession.

So your personal position is pro- child pornography?

Give me some non-professional librarians who narc on the child porn viewers for my library. I think the parents in my neighborhood would encourage that behavior. The Arkansas librarians are a community treasure. They were up on the legal status of what they were doing, they were holding a child pornographer for the police and preserving the evidence as best they could.

It does seem like the parents in Fayetteville are pleased with the way the library handles its computer use.

I would suggest that it is YOU who support child molestors and pedophiles simply because you support the sort of behavior on the part of librarians that is going to result in this guy being back on the street within an hour of going to court on monday.

There is a difference between supporting vigilantism and supporting child pornography.

Good librarians know the difference.

Right now, there is absolutely ZERO evidence that will hold up in a court of law that will allow this guy to be prosecuted on Monday.

He will be free as a bird on Monday, but the Arkansas newspapers will not be printing that. Nor will the local library be bragging about how much money they will have to shell out defending themselves against the wrongful action suit they will likely be it with shortly afterwards. ACLU loves these sort of cases. They look for them and usually win them

Rightly so. Librarians are not police, they are not courts they are not qualified to make a legal judgement at all. First thing you learn as a law librarian

Odd, I didn't realize there was a different school for law librarians. I thought they were generally librarians with law degrees. Although of course the MLS is more important than the law degree.

Learn something new every day.

Oh, and since you are certain he will be out after his initial appearance I glefully dissapoint you by noting his Arkansas Rules of Criminal Procedure Rule 8.1 Hearing was this morning and he is in jail (unless someone bonds him out) until his next hearing on January 7, 2009.

You can follow his progress in the jail, and be automatically notified by VINE if you simply go here

In Washington County Arkansas R8.1 hearings are M,W, F so today was the first opportunity since his arrest.

As a law librarian, I would think you could find out these things if you didn't already know them.

The height of professionalism is to exclude your personal opinions from your performance as much as is possible.

Nobody is on the job here. This is not a milieu in which one must present oneself as a stuffed shirt, anal retentive git. This is a milieu in which people can relax with each other, let their hair down, and talk about how they really feel about stupid patron tricks. And stupid librarian tricks, for that matter.

Wow...a Prom? I missed mine....can I get a real date here? I have a dress!

Mi Takuye Oyacin

Alright you can have a date but I only dance the slow songs and I will probably be drunk in the parking lot before you arrive! lol!

You know some of us aren't in your community and find this in our feed readers. It makes you look like you don't know what you're doing with your website. "LIS News"--should be pretty straightforward. This post is garbage--if you are seeking to communicate with the people responsible for posting, why not have a separate list/blog/whatever?

I thought I would initially say to break free from your feed reader. Then I realized that would fall on ears likely not too receptive. All I can say is that there are channels. That there was no use of them was solely by choice in this case.

I'm sorry that you find it bad that Bibliofuture chose to act in this way. This shouldn't have happened. I do know, for example, that the podcast is set up on GetSatisfaction if you want to ventilate concerns at but that is for the podcast only.

I do hope you will stick around and continue to follow the feeds. All our feeds were toast over the weekend but are back now.
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