Sarasota library debuts e-mail reading club

The Sarasota FL News has a very interesting Story on the first Email Book club.
Certainly a great idea that promotes the library, and makes it easier for patrons to find great books.

This is not your traditional reading club, with a handful of people discussing a work of fiction. Rather, it\'s a new kind of library outreach aimed at time-challenged, tech-savvy book lovers.

\"Monday through Friday, a chapter of a new best-selling book will be e-mailed directly to you,\" Burns said. \"Over the week you get the first two or three chapters of the book.\"

If the book piques your interest, you can reserve a copy of it through the library\'s main Web site and pick it up at a local branch.
The service is the product of a partnership between the library and Chapter-A-Day, a Sarasota-based Internet company. Both say the only goal is to get more people to read.

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