Sarah Palin Censors Books through Telepathy!

It appears the controversy isn't over. Sarah Palin has proven her ability to travel through time to remove the entire Harry Potter series from the Wasilla Public Library back before any of the books were even published, but now she proves to hold even more Peter Petrelli-like abilities (or is it Sylar???) by having more than one superpower.

It seems that a San Francisco (ah, you mean "gay") activist donated two controversial children's books to Wasilla, but was turned down in his attempt to have them added to the circulating collection. The current librarian gave the lame excuse that the books "lacked engaging illustrations and seemed to lack the ability to engage young readers" (again, meaning "too gay").
[Wasilla public library back in the news again . By Marjorie Kehe 10.20.08]

So the books failed the approval process. How could this happen in 2008?

Or did they? The only answer is that Sarah Palin has developed superhuman abilities and used her telepathic super mind control to force the current librarian to refuse the donation. I see no other reason for this outright censorship. And the only person in Alaska who doesn't want "gay" books in the library is Sarah Palin, so it must be her fault that they weren't accepted. Time travel and telepathy; if she suddenly develops Claire's ability to regenerate, then there won't be any way to stop her!!!!

Oh, wait. I guess you could vote for Obama in November.
Darn, I didn't think of that. I guess because I still haven't decided who to vote for.
Does Joe Biden have superpowers?

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