Rocking the stacks


Excite News has A Story on the British Libraries plans to use an sound archive, which contains more than one million discs and 175,000 tapes covering music, speech and wildlife, had tended to only file audio recordings of major live and recorded events broadcast by the BBC. A full catalog of the 1990\'s radio.

Andy Lineham, pop music curator of the sound archive, said: \"The collection gives a great representation of 1990s independent radio programming.\" The recordings, compiled to celebrate the company\'s 10th anniversary last year, also contain whole episodes of The Pepsi Network Chart Show and At Home with Quick Brew, a series in which DJ Mike Smith interviewed celebrities.

They will be stored on shelves a short distance from written material dating back centuries, including Shakespeare\'s first folio and the Magna Carta, and their contents will be listed on the library\'s computer catalogue.