Rescuing Reading: It's Not Shoe Shopping

Over at <a href="">Rescuing Reading</a>, a new blog where a children's librarian attempts to bring some common sense and passion for literature back into the world of children's reading, the blogger continues her discussion of the dangers and pitfalls of enslavement to Lexile scores, with some <a href="">commentary on the first 90 seconds or so of Metametrics' online promotional video about its Lexile scoring system</a>. Among other trenchant observations: <blockquote> When a child outgrows a shoe size, they can’t go back to wearing that size. They must move up. There is no other choice. It is not the same at all with reading. Kids can read at widely varying levels on any one day. Perhaps they read a comic book or magazine in the morning, their science textbook at school and an instruction manual for their new electronic toy in the afternoon and a favorite fiction author in the evening. These materials will all be written at different levels, and the decision to read each one is made for entirely different reasons. </blockquote>

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