Reinventing the bookmobile in Texas with The Billy Pilgrim Traveling Library

<a href="">The Billy Pilgrim Traveling Library</a> is a Houston-area bookmobile created by two recent library school graduates, hitting the streets in 2013. It will be a traveling library built from personal libraries and donations, based on a rent/barter/trade system AND a physical resource maintained by professionals that is open to partnerships and collaborations with organizations like schools, libraries, museums, nonprofits, and local artists. For more information and ways to get involved, check out the <a href="">Boing Boing Library Lab write-up</a>, the <a href="">BTPL IndieGoGo campaign</a>, the <a href="">BPTL's blog</a>, and the BPTL's social channels (<a href="">@thebptl on Twitter</a> and <a href=""></a> on Facebook).

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