Questia Responds

I got a response from Questia on This Story. I have also been granted an interview with Questia, so if you have Questions For Questia, post them below, and I\'ll pass them along.

\"I\'d like to respond to your Feb. 22 story on \"Questionable
Advertising @ Questia???\"

Questia\'s business and marketing philosophies seek the greatest degree of
inclusion possible. We believe the feedback and interest from the
librarian and academic communities, particularly, are crucial to the
quality of content and service Questia provides. Therefore, proactive
education campaigns to these audiences have been in progress for more than
a year.
More....The postings you referenced, however, were not part of a communications
effort. None of the individuals are members of the marketing team at
Questia. They do, however, serve in other capacities within Questia\'s 250+
person staff, and represent the pride inherent throughout. I attribute
their endorsements to excitement and zealousness. Questia staff has worked
long and hard to secure the right titles for the launch of the service.
For many within our walls, Questia\'s launch is the realization of a great
deal of hard work and the hurdling of many obstacles.

Nonetheless, we have asked that staff members remember to identify
themselves as part of the Questia team whenever conversing online about our
benefits. Please feel free to publish this response in its entirety.
Thank you for your interest.


Ann Brimberry