A Public Library Keeps Patrons Clued in with Messaging and Texting

Nobody can say that the Plainfield IL Public Library isn't perfectly up to date.

For the last six months, you've been able to IM a librarian, and now you can also text a librarian. It's is the first library in the state to offer a Text-a-Librarian service, according to Michelle Roubal, the library's head of reference and reader services. More from Suburban Chicago News.


Don't you have this sort of service provided by companies in the US?
Theres several in the UK including AQA (Any question answered), or is it the fact that it'd be free from the Library? Would only be during working hours as well though which isn't the case with AQA.

Just wondering.

I use Cha Cha a few times a week/month and would prefer to ask questions to a librarian. Plus if the librarians see a theme in the questions they might say, "Maybe you want a book on X?"

The auto dealers are reminding us about service; the pharmacy about prescriptions. Please, my e-mail box is full enough with trivia without this clutter.