Public Libraries and Public Health in Canada


A short piece from the Canadian Health Network on their effort to increase access to health information in the wake of Canada\'s connection of all of its schools and public libraries to the Web:

In 1999, Canada became the first country in the world to have all its public libraries and schools connected to the Internet . Public libraries have always been leaders at providing information to Canadians. To librarians the Internet is just another form of information and culture, along with books, videos, CDs, microfilm and magazines. So it\'s natural that they wanted to make the Internet available to Canadians. What does this have to do with CHN (the Canadian Health Network)? Plenty. The aim of CHN is to help everyone find reliable Canadian health information. The decision at CHN was to provide health information only via the Internet to begin with. This would be a problem if not all Canadians were connected! But by 1999, when the CHN was up and running, many people in Canada now had access to the Internet through their public library.

More from the Canadian Health Network. Thanks again to wood s lot.