Project Will Preserve Bush Administration Web Sites

If you didn't manage to save some of the last four years Bush bytes in your computers cache, not to worry.

Preservation efforts are underway to preserve more than 100 million Web pages from President Bush's second term, similarly to what was done in 2000 and 2004, to document the Web pages of President Clinton's first term, and the first half of the Bush administration. The 2004 end-of-term collection has about 75 million addresses for Internet resources, known as Uniform Resource Identifiers, or URIs.

The Library of Congress and Government Printing Office, in partnership with the California Digital Library, University of North Texas Libraries and Internet Archive, will harvest and archive all Web sites that could change under a new presidential administration. The total amount of data in the collection, which will focus on executive and legislative branch sites, is expected to reach 10 to 12 terabytes.