President Obama Freezes School Library Funding in 2010

President Obama may talk about the importance of libraries, but now that his budget is out, librarians are wondering, where’s the love?

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Obama = Bush

Do you have anything to back up this comment? That is a very strong, oversimplified and uneducated statement. Obama has been very different especially in terms of the environment, separation of church and state and women's rights.

I certainly hope you're not working as a librarian.

>I certainly hope you're not working as a librarian.

Anyone that said that Obama=Bush could never work as a librarian.

What if they said Obama=Messiah?

The same goes for people who make overt generalizations without backing them up.

I've never heard anyone say "Obama=Messiah" anyway. What kind of imaginary fanatics do you hang out with?

Run a google search for obama and messiah. There are political cartoons, discussions, etc.... Thousand of hits that are about Obama being the Messiah. Many of these articles and political cartoons are in mainline news titles.

I did the search. I also did a search for "David Hasselhoff + Messiah" and got many results too. Oh, ever tried "Bush + Messiah?" Even more! What is your point?

These are satirical websites. Nobody is SERIOUSLY claiming Obama or Hasselhoff are messiahs. Bush, on the other hand....well, that's for a different post.

Satire is which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision, or wit. The Obama/Messiah idea is not satire. The messiah idea is because there are a large number of Obama followers that are not critical of anything he does. He can do no wrong, he is their messiah.

If Bush did policy X these messiah followers would scream. Evil bush is doing policy X. But if Obama does policy X the messiah followers say, "Wow we love policy X."

I have seen these political cartoons. I know others exist, so there's no need to barrage this board with it.

What I am trying to do is ask for proof of people who seriously claim Obama is infallible. I read and hear (deserved) criticisms about some of his policies (or failure to block some..i.e. Reagan's journalism legislature, torture photos, polar bears, etc.)

These cartoon artists are making the same biased generalizations you are, except they can draw.

I am not even defending Obama. As a librarian, I am just sick of people (especially librarians who should know better) making any statements without backing them up.

Was refuting the comment that someone made that they had never heard the Obama messiah comment used. Clearly it is all over the place. The political cartoons and drawings show that the idea is being used.

Try reading the whole newspaper next time.

Why? What point was missed?

It seems cut and dry to me. Most of my fellow librarians would agree, too.

What is cut and dried? Obama is not raising the funds for the "Improving Literacy Through School libraries program." If Bush did that librarians would be flipping out but because the messiah is doing it there is no problem.

I am AGREEING with the article in SLJ. I am taking issue with the person who said "read the entire newspaper."

When I said cut and dry, I meant that I don't know how anyone could read that article and interpret anything different.

i hear you loud & clear. ~robert

u a school librarian?

i see exactly what this commenter meant. i am not quite sure i understand your post. i think you misinterpreted what the "anonymous" person was saying. i took what he said as a rebuke to the commenter who said *read the whole newspaper* it is crystal clear what he meant. ~robert

The first full paragraph states: "The president is proposing a slight funding hike for public libraries through the Library Service and Technology Act (LSTA)—but he’s keeping monies for the Improving Literacy Through School libraries program at $19.1 million, the same level since 2008."


As a school librarian, I am irked.

Indeed, where is the love for school libraries? This hurts the students. As the ALA points out: "education is not exclusive to the classroom; it extends into school libraries." We are teaching staff at our schools. As an elem. school librarian and media specialist, I do a lot of teaching and collaborating with teachers. Freezing moneys for the ILTS program affects what we do.

Obama is all talk and little action when it comes to libraries. Hopefully people will remember actions speak louder than words.

I am just as frustrated with President Obama, but want to point out that McCain would have been no better. President Bush, Jr., of course, was far worse when it came to support for libraries. Politics as usual, eh?

Take care!

He's keeping the school library funding at the same level, but raising public library funding. Public libraries can be seen as an extension of public schools. He is doing the best he can with the circumstances he inherited. No, I didn't vote for him, but I didn't vote for McCain either and the latter wouldn't have done a better job.

I thought as librarians, you would be more objective.

>I thought as librarians, you would be more objective.

That's a laugh. Objective librarians? Please. We are slaves to the liberal elite.


People sure like to throw that "liberal" word around. What the heck does that mean anyway? Help me look it up...Oh wait, I'll do it myself:

From's Wordnet:
•S: (adj) liberal (having political or social views favoring reform and progress) •S: (adj) liberal (tolerant of change; not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or tradition) does this contradict with the principles of librarianship? "Librarians" here seem to be very resistant (dismissive, even) to different points of views.

Can someone here explain to me what a librarian is?

a lowly MLIS student under age 30