Podcasts Without A Fruit-Based Player

Sometimes posts are not easily made to Drupal. Drupal likes text and can be tricky to use if you want to incorporate images into posts. When you have a situation of multiple screenshots to display with text, Adobe Acrobat format can be a better container for such information.

In recognition of that the software & service review article attached to this post is available in Adobe Acrobat format only. Click the download link to access the piece. Podcast subscribers will automatically receive the PDF in their playlist as if it were yet more liner notes.


ok, that's kind of confusing. So....I'm guessing the pdf you're posting (although it doesn't actually appear in the post, only in the feed) is related to the title of the post. Or maybe to the podcast.

Would it be too much to get links within the post to the pdf and perhaps to the related podcast in particular?

Sure, you might have to add a module and configure your site to get started, but adding images is not rocket science.