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LISTen: An Program -- Episode #202

Miscellaneous Consolidation Thoughts & New Bittorrent Access For LISTen

There is now access available for LISTen via Bittorrent. See:
I'm still in the process of considering various "de-Google" measures in my life. If I totally nuke my presence on Google it would wipe out the Google Voice line let alone the cool stuff that FeedBurner makes available like subscriptions via e-mail. I do have a spare PAYGO SIM card lurking somewhere that could be used to partially replace the Google Voice line perhaps if I ever get this bit of software working on the SheevaPlug unattended which would then log received SMS like e-mails. We can pay about USD$10 for 250 minutes of international calling which helps us get guests on like Dan Lynch in LISTen #198. Then again, the only person in library land who has ever called the Google Voice number has been Blake so I am wondering if it would even be missed. Ditching FeedBurner would be a little nasty to work out but that is but a fraction of the ways to access the programs. I would have to consider how to continue e-mail subscriptions in that instance. I wouldn't have variable end-points but would have to live without at this point. There is a minimum of 40 subscribers who be impacted if all the FeedBurner feeds went away. This will have to be discussed among the Air Staff further, I suppose.
Any presence I've had on Google Plus or Twitter has been well and truly nuked. It remains possible that in conjunction with "de-Google" consideration that other point of presence in the Web 2.0 world may be nuked yet too. Identica is the best way to locate me.
I am looking at IPv6 experimentation later this summer as this trail blazer and that trail blazer discuss. Who knows? I might set up a MediaGoblin instance or a StatusNet instance as a test.

LISTen: An Program -- Episode #199

This week's episode is varied as it is released during a holiday weekend in the United States. Direct Download: Ogg Vorbis Audio Related links: Bothersome Item #1 Bothersome Item #2 Bothersome Item #3 Bothersome Item #4 Bothersome Item #5 Dvorak on the Twitter book Free Speech Radio News seeks further funding to bridge a shortfall Google asked to yank a million search results per month

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LISTen: An Program -- Episode #198

This week's episode contains a telephone interview discussing the digital divide in John Lennon's hometown of Liverpool and a news miscellany. Direct Download: Ogg Vorbis Audio Related links: LISEvents: 4th QQML2012 International Conference LISEvents: InPACT 2012 - International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends LISEvents: eBUG Conference 2012 LISEvents: Crimea 2012 LISWire: Gale Digitizes Popular 20th Century Weekly For Students and Scholars Dan Lynch Seven Streets: Liverpool is getting left behind online An Amazon List The Star Beacon: Kingsville celebrates tradition while helping library Reuters: Pakistan blocks Twitter access over "blasphemous content" Agence France-Presse: Pakistan restores Twitter after block over Prophet cartoons Voices For The Library: Reflections on the Arts Council Consultation Workshop Stop the privitsation of Public Libraries Ars Technica: WiFi’s future: faster, smarter, and fewer cables Electronic Frontier Foundation: Hey ITU Member States: No More Secrecy, Release the Treaty Proposals Electronic Frontier Foundation: EFF Joins Coalition Denouncing Secretive WCIT Planning Process LISNews: Room for Debate: Threat or Salvation for Library? New York Times: Seizing the Future or Renouncing Its Past? -- Should the New York Public Library go forward with its plan to consolidate two branches into a renovated version of its main building?

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Not LISTen 197

The Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions regrets that illness continues to prevent the production and release of programming this week. In the meantime we offer a story aired on X Minus One called "A Logic Named Joe" courtesy the Internet Archive. You can directly download the audio of such here in MP3 format. The story's original text by Murray Leinster can be found here courtesy Baen Free Library.

Barring further disruption, we expect to return with normal programming on or near May 14, 2012.

Notice of Delay

Due to illness, the release of LISTen: An Program is delayed until at least the evening of Monday, May 7, 2012.


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