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So where do I start? My boss at my day job went AWOL today. What was supposed to be a three hour short shift turned into quite a bit more. When the boss finally reappeared it was noted that the boss would have to go in for open heart surgery on top of the diabetes complications already.

Why was there no episode previously? I have been watching my boss decay physically. It has been impacting work and there has been nothing I could do to fix things. My team has been getting physically ill from things. I know it has been taking a toll on me physically. My co-workers are also at the point that we are going to have to force things to be brought to resolution.

Last week, we really had no news to talk about. While dealing with the on-going emergency at work, I kinda could not get home to record anything. On Sunday I got home late enough that we would not have been able to start recording until the very early hours of Monday morning. Rather than produce something with me sounding whiny yet exhausted, we went with speech synthesis. Such saved equipment set up while also allowing us to be sensitive to users who download right in iTunes or another podcatcher instead of going to the web page. That it was downloaded faster than a normal podcast had us initially disturbed but then quite amused.

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And now a word...

The audio file contains a special message relative to the podcast this week.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #26

This week's episode talks about television, Usenet News, and online video-sharing.

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Demographics Survey For Video

I apologize for asking, but for the video system through Blip.TV to work well we need to gather some demographics data. Clicking the button below will take you to that. Filling out the survey helps us immensely as we try to structure video content. Survey

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #25

This week's episode features an interview by the podcast audio production engineer with Blake Carver as well as a commentary on the seemingly nebulous yet rather important topic of resilience. [EDIT AT 2132 PDT]
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Testing something

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #24

This week's episode brings an interview with Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback about a recent Denial of Service incident they suffered. Another installment of Tech for Techies talks about lessons learned from the Revision3 incident and begins a discussion about the need to consider infrastructure. Although the production team is aware of the incident at Softlayer that not only affected multiple LISHost clients not to mention the Volokh Conspiracy group blog, this episode is not covering that.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #23

This week's episode, while having somewhat of an AM radio feel due to the compression happening, brings an interesting mix. Interviews with librarians K. G. Schneider and Kathryn Greenhill are included in the episode. A commentary about Twitter comes in near the end with a unique suggestion that perhaps OCLC should buy Twitter out. Even though posted slightly late, this Memorial Day weekend edition of LISTen has plenty packed inside.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #22

This week's episode brings another installment of Tech for Techies as well as a commentary and a word from the audio engineer. The episode ran short as we had to handle the loss of a previously planned interview. An administrative trivia note at the end of the episode noted that next week's episode will post at the usual time in the usual way notwithstanding there being a holiday in the United States.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #21

This week's episode has a bit of a Rod Serling inspired feel to it. As the podcast is not a video one, we can control neither the horizontal nor the vertical. We can present a different look at things, though. The podcast opens with a zeitgeist check by the podcast audio production engineer. An interview with Blake Carver follows with the fifth installment of Tech for Techies soon thereafter. The podcast audio production engineer wrapped up the episode. As to the nature of any potential Ghoulardi-inspired podcast, the production team has no known plans. To contact Stephen via Skype, the button below may be useful: Skype Me™! To contact the production audio engineer, the Skype button below might be helpful: Skype Me™! Related links: When to Say When Your Big Wig
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