Petition to spare libraries/ms of Timbuktu

I'm passing this along: On Apr 10, 2012, at 9:42 PM, "Jennifer Yanco" <[email protected]> wrote: I am writing to alert you to the situation in Mali, which is increasingly volatile. The conflict has spread to Timbuktu, home of thousands of manuscripts documenting the rich heritage of West Africa through the ages. I write as a member of the scholarly community, which is concerned for the safety of this cultural and intellectual heritage housed in the many libraries and private collections in Timbuktu. I know that this will be of concern to your institution. Our West African colleagues, Drs. Habib Sy and Ibrahima Lo prepared a petition, urging the parties to the conflict to be mindful of the value of the heritage in these manuscripts and to spare them. We were sent a copy of the petition and were able to make an online petition, which you can now find on the WARA website home page ( and at the link copied below. We a <!--break--> re pleased to be able to work in solidarity with our West African colleagues on this and hope that you will be able to post the link to the petition or otherwise pass it along to your colleagues. A major treasure of the world is at stake. thanking you in advance for joining this effort. Jennifer Jennifer J. Yanco, PhD US Director West African Research Association 232 Bay State Road Boston, MA 02215 617-353-8902 <> Like us on facebook:


I have written about this: "Al Qaeda Threatens Timbuktu Library; Expect No Help from the American Library Association."

Given the expectation that the ALA will not help, my thanks goes to Lee Hadden for posting the West African Research Association's message.

That said, I am sorry to see there are not more comments here discussing this matter. Obviously, Fifty Shades of Grey is far more important than "Timbuktu, home of thousands of manuscripts documenting the rich heritage of West Africa through the ages."

It's the AMERICAN Library Association, not the United Nation Library Association. Do you expect the ALA to send out librarian peacekeepers? Why are you trying to pin responsibility for international events on the ALA? They could send one of your recorded talks to help fend off the Taliban. It has enough droning in it that they would have to take cover.

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