Petition for librarian toy.

This is a petition to request that the Disney Store and The Walt Disney Company create a Vinylmation figure in the Vinylmation Occupations Series that represents Librarians.

Although the series includes a Teacher figure that is designed with an image of books, the figure has an apple for a head. This is not an acceptable substitute for a Librarian figure as librarians rarely receive apples from students.

And a Librarian Vinylmation figure would have glasses. And Mickey's ears would be the perfect place for her curly librarian "hair buns." She could look a little like Zombie School Girl from Urban 7 Series. Although her skin shouldn't be so blue, even if she spends so little time in the sun; pale, maybe, but not blue. But don't forget those hair buns.

What is Vinylmation? It's just a toy. That people collect. They're pretty popular.

see Zombie School Girl figure on this page for reference

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