Open Source ILS Continues to Expand


Open Source ILS Continues to Expand
The movement toward open source library automation continues. Recent months have seen many announcements of libraries selecting both Koha and Evergreen to replace proprietary systems. Keeping in mind that proprietary ILS products continue to dominate, both in new selections and in the overall base of installed systems, open source library automation has gained a strong footing in the industry and has become a routine option for most types of libraries.


Interesting news. However, the implication is that all announced conversions to open source are fantastic successes. I have heard the King County switch to Evergreen has left both libraries and patrons upset over the lost functionality of their old proprietary system. Hearing this third hand, I have no idea how exaggerated or factual the reports are. It would be great to have some on site follow-up from an independent source.

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