One More Time...(or more?)...for Flynn Carsen, the Librarian


Entertainment Weekly:In the third made-for-cable caper, The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice (premieres Dec. 7., 8 p.m. TNT), overworked and unlucky-in-love Flynn travels to New Orleans for vacation, but ends up having to stop big bads who want to find and use the chalice to resurrect Prince Vlad Dracul and raise an army of vampires. (He must also make time to mack on the sexy chanteuse, played by Feast of Love's Stana Katic, who guards the cup. That, he does not mind.) Here's more coverage on the series from Variety.

Though the movie's original tagline -- "The world's most unlikely hero is back for his final adventure" -- was enough to break my colleague Alynda Wheat's heart, Wyle assures us that Flynn will live to outwit, outsmart, and outspit-take another day, if fans want him to.

Do you want him to?


Let him get hit by a bus, reveal all along he's been nothing but a distraction for the forces of evil while Bob Newhart proceeds to save the world yet again in his quiet graceful way.

I'd like him to hang around the lower 9th ward with a "Bush / Cheney '04" t-shirt.

Lamest. Show. Ever.

Noticed you mentioned Bob Newhart in your blog. Fans of classic TV and trivia should play today's anagram game about [hearty blob], or Bob Hartley. I just posted it today.