One Man's Opinion: How to Raise Boys Who Read - Opinion: How to Raise Boys Who Read. The authors hint: Not with gross-out books and video-game bribes.


I completely agree. Video games can become an obsession. That and TV were the main reason I didn't care about my homework.

Turning of the electronics and handing a boy Treasure Island is all we need to do? I didn't realize it was that simple. Given the headline, there was an awful lot of bluster and very little solution. Not even a mention of males who read as role models.

Agreed. Personally I have no problem with "gross out" books and whole heartedly believe that getting them excited about reading is more important that what they are reading. BTW "the classics" were the "gross out" books of their they were pulp fiction that was decried as the being low brow much like the author does with titles that are popular today.