OCLC Claims Ownership of Data In OPACs

OCLC may be trying to pull something sneaky with its new policy of claiming contractual rights over the subsequent use of data created by OCLC. In other words, the data in library catalogues couldn't be used to make anything which competes with OCLC in any way.

Needless to say, this would have a hash chilling effect on the creation of open databases of library content.

As you might expect, the library blogosphere is on fire with the news. The podcast presenter at LISNews gave a commentary in the matter during LISTen #47.

Story from Slashdot.


Greetings All:

I forget the circumstances but a number of years ago a similar power grab was made and the Attorney General of either Minnesota or Wisconsin ruled it to be illegal since it limited public rights to obtain records as "public information." Our colleagues in the applicable state might want to retrieve and disseminate the relevant AG opinion.

It was Wisconsin. The opinion can be found here- http://www.doj.state.wi.us/dls/2008-PRCO/OAG_75_133_1986.pdf