On Obama's Pick for Secy of Education and Learning to Read

President-elect Barack Obama has chosen Arne Duncan to be the next Secretary of Education.

Gary Stager, "teacher educator, education journalist, speaker, school reformer" is not happy with the choice of Duncan, whose appointment he considers to be just another 'social promotion'.

CEO of Hooked on Phonics, Judy L. Harris, is not happy with what Gary Stager had to say about the appointment; specifically, ""Gary Stager is entitled to his opinions regarding President-elect Obama's selection of Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education and education policy generally. However, it is unfortunate he has tried to trivialize my views by likening my company and its product -- Hooked on Phonics, a product that has helped millions of children learn to read -- to a sponge (with all due respect to the folks at ShamWow). " Here's the rest of her statement.


I thought that the headline read Obama's pick for Secretary of Education is learning to read.

I was quite amused.

Why is there a Federal Department of Education? It seems this is a local or state function.

Think Global, Act Local

Except on education, the environment, and social welfare.

Lefties hate big box stores but they love big box government. Why they are unable to grasp that what is good for New York may not be good for Georgia or Montana is beyond me.

Why is it 'lefties' (talking about politics, not handed-ness here) are so seldom anonymous and 'righties' seem to love anonymity? (that is except for Kenneth W. Starr.)

Why don't you attach your name/some name/or even a psuedonym to your positions? There are so many anonymii (?), maybe we should start a system composed of Mme. X and Monsieur Y?

Matt and I do post under our names and yet we lean right.

Ken Starr is an interesting guy with a great sense of humor. I met him at a conference in Michigan in 2007. If you knew nothing of the Independent Counsel days, you would have thought he was just an old man who could tell great jokes.
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Lean to the right, if I leaned anymore I would be horizontal! :)

Let's just get all the kids hooked on phonics. That is a program that will work all across the country. We can send kids a coupon so they can buy it at their local Walmart.

...created HEW, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare--but then, that old socialist Harding had originally proposed a Department of Education and Welfare.

Yes, Jimmy Carter split off Education (the smallest cabinet-level department).

Of course, in terms of the federal government attempting to tell the whole country how its educational systems should work, you have to thank that ultraleftist, George W.

Just cause Bush did it does not mean I like it. Politics should not be if "my guy did it, it is OK". If there is something you would give Bush grief about you should give Obama grief if he does the same thing.

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