The surprising things I learned at the library

Submitted by Blake on Fri, 01/27/2006 - 06:48

The Christian Science Monitor has a Nice Short Story by Norman Prady about his time spent at the library. He was there to spend the afternoons and weekends of my high school senior year doing the pageboy's work of shelving books, "reading shelves"to maintain accurate book placement, and fetching esoteric volumes from the stacks.

Priceless pieces of history left to gather dust

Submitted by Blake on Fri, 01/27/2006 - 04:47

The Scotsman Reports records of Edinburgh's rich past could be lost forever because of staff shortages and inadequate storage at the city archive, leading Scots historians have warned.

Thousands of artefacts, detailing the history of the capital from the tenth century to the present day, are kept beneath the City Chambers and in a warehouse at Murrayburn.

York Ontario school board pulls controversial children’s book

Submitted by Blake on Fri, 01/27/2006 - 03:59

News From Canada: The York Region District School Board has pulled a controversial children’s book about the Middle East from the prestigious Silver Birch Awards reading program for older elementary school students, but the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) will continue to make the book available to its students.

Fox News Science Writer Paid by Philip Morris

Submitted by Blake on Fri, 01/27/2006 - 03:09

kathleen de la pena mccook writes "The New Republic article, "Pundit for Hire," reports Steven Milloy,of FoxNews. has taken money from Philip Morris. On March 9, 2001, he wrote a column "secondhand smokescreen" attacking a study by Stephen Hecht, who found that women living with smokers had higher levels of chemicals associated with risk of lung cancer. "If spin were science, Hecht would win a Nobel Prize," Milloy wrote.

Oprah Calls Defense of Author 'a Mistake'

Submitted by Bibliofuture on Thu, 01/26/2006 - 21:56

New York Times has an article, Oprah Calls Defense of Author 'a Mistake. The story starts In an extraordinary reversal of her strident defense of the author whose book she catapulted to the top of the best-seller list, Oprah Winfrey said today she believed that the author James Frey "betrayed millions of readers" by making up elements of his life in his best-selling memoir, "A Million Little Pieces."

Budget squeeze in Mesa putting strain on library staff

Submitted by Blake on Thu, 01/26/2006 - 20:46

Mesa's interim library director has inherited a loss of 42 staff positions over the past year and a $500,000 budget cut. Wolf has all but delved into books about legendary magician Harry Houdini to keep up with an annual circulation of more than 3.1 million publications, attend to the needs of 1.2 million walk-in customers and prevent the apparent inevitability of closing two busy branch libraries.