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Aaron writes
\"For some levity, read \"TheBiz.\"
I started an alt.librarian webring. Visit TheBiz if you care
to join. Email me with queries,
ponyboy1955(at) .\"

I\'m not quite sure how to describe it, though it\'s
some funny stuff, take a look for

\"We really do care about serving our patrons...
it\'s just that sometimes we can\'t believe what happens
in the biz...\"



Bob Cox pointed us to this ALA Alert on the USA PATRIOT Act.

The new legislation amends the laws governing the
Federal Bureau of Investigation’s access to business
records. One provision orders any person or institution
served with a search warrant not to disclose that such a
warrant has been served or that records have been
produced pursuant to the warrant.

The existence of this provision does not mean that
libraries and librarians served with such a search
warrant cannot ask to consult with their legal counsel
concerning the warrant. A library and its employees can
still seek legal advice concerning the warrant and
request that the library’s legal counsel be present
during the actual search and execution of the warrant.

EPIC has more as well.


Library Outsourcing as Campaign Issue

\"Breaking news\" via Library Journal:

The new city administration in Jersey City, NJ has terminated the city’s $1.6 million contract with Maryland-based Library Systems Services Inc. (LSSI). The city’s new mayor, Glenn Cunningham, was elected this spring after Bret Schundler resigned to run for governor. In contrast to Schundler, Cunningham opposes privatization and campaigned against the library contract. LSSI’s contract had been renewed by the library board in May, for two years, for the same fee—$1.6 million over two years—since the first contract was signed in May 1999. However, Cunningham has since replaced several board members and named his wife to the board.

According to the Jersey City Reporter, librarians were among LSSI\'s most vocal critics.


CO Students Break Reading Record - Share Prize with Schools Near WTC

Some Colorado school students have broken a record by reading. The program, Focus on Reading, pays students for each page they read. The money goes toward school libraries. This year, the students want part of the money to go toward replacing books for some schools near the WTC. More

Laura Bush\'s Presidential Address

Never having been one attracted to the limelight, Laura Bush is drawing a great deal of attention to herself through her Presidential radio address. Her focus is the plight of Afghanistan\'s most vulnerable citizens. Prior to the Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban, women were able to work, and also hold political offices. The hope is that post Taliban Afghanistan will renew and preserve the rights of women. More

Greatest Danger Comes from Within

Jeff Milchen writes...

\"My home of Boulder, Colorado made national headlines recently over conflicting interpretations of a powerful icon, the U.S. flag. It seems that the meaning of a symbol—even one over 200 years old—can be changed in a matter of weeks by the way it’s employed. For me the U.S. flag always stood for freedom above all else. After all, every country on earth has a flag, but none have a Constitution with a Bill of Rights that, despite some failures along the way, has protected the liberty of so many citizens so well, and for so long. I embraced that symbolism so thoroughly that I founded a non-profit organization with the flag in its logo, so I was curious to find myself sympathizing with those in my community who found the idea of the giant flag unsettling.\" More

Detriot PL to Lose $2.9 Million in Funding

Like library systems in a number of other states, Michigan libraries are feeling the pains of a severe budget crunch. The librarians, however, aren\'t taking the situation lightly. According to the article, \"Librarians, a class of professionals not usually prone to fighting words, say enough is enough. Their goal is a new constitutional amendment that would significantly boost state aid and distribute that aid more fairly among libraries across the state.\" When looking at per capita spending for libraries, Michigan is close to the national average. More


Ebrary Confident that It Can Survive

As the article\'s headline states, Ebrary is \"bulking up\" for the big one. Having secured some backing, the company intends to forge ahead in its offerings of academic e-publications. They feel confident that they\'ll survive the problems that have befallen Questia and NetLibrary.
More from CNETNews.


Esquire Suspends \'Dubious\' Awards

Taking a break from the norm, the editor of Esquire has put the big 40-something anniversary issue on ice until further notice. It doesn\'t have anything to do with the September 11 attacks, per se, but, there seems to be some level of belief that harsh tones and crude innuendos may not be exactly what folks are in the mood for right now. More from the New York Times.


The Speed of Information Architecture has an Article by Peter Morville on \"The Infinite Loop of Destructive Creation\", The web site development process and what a waste it all can be.

\"As we slow down, hopefully we can leverage the concepts of facets and layers to break the infinite loop of destructive creation, designing information architectures that are both enduring and adaptive at the same time.\"

Well-connected library chief insists she\'s not really a big-time player

The Chicago Sun-Times has this interview with Mary Dempsey, commissioner of the Chicago Public Library. Formerly an attorney with no library administration background, she was selected after a 19 month search. Dempsey on weeding: \"Well, first of all, it\'s emotional for about three people in the world.\"

Librarians Are Poets, Too

Fear and Self-loathing in the Library

\"Keep it quiet, this is a library\" says Deyan Sudjic for The Observer. Sudjic blames, \"A generation of book-hating, self-loathing librarians, nervous of literature and hypnotised by technology,\" for libraries\' decline. \"Libraries have struggled to face up to the threat to their survival, usually by pretending to be something else.\" The new Norwich library has a Pizza Express, tourist information, and houses local BBC studios. Strangely, he seems to approve of the pizza joint and the new library design as a whole. Read the full story


Library Reopens with Health Club

So after you visit the Library with a Pub, come to Singapore\'s newly reopened library with a health corner, including exercise bikes, and telephones linked to a help line for free health advice. The Bedok Community Library was closed since January. Story from the Straits Times.


Library\'s booze bid for book buffs

Charles Davis writes \" Visitors to one of Scotland\'s most prestigious libraries
could soon be able to buy alcohol under plans being drawn
up by council bosses.

Glasgow City Council wants to install a bar and cafe inside
the Mitchell Library to modernise the 19th century building.\"

We only get coffee here in the States.

Full Story from

Rising Fears That What We Do Know Can Hurt Us

Another great submission from Hermit.Hermit ;-) writes \" The LAtimes is reporting Reporting on the GPO\'s order to have government records destroyed at Federal Depository Libraries. The article also mentions the removal of info from fed and websites and the reduction of F.O.I.A. requests granted. The article reports that \"while documents have been pulled before because they contained mistakes or were outdated, this was the first time in memory that documents were destroyed because of security concerns, said Francis Buckley, superintendent of documents for the printing office.\"
Lively discussion Slashdot.\"

Fiona points to discussions on Kuro5in as well, and adds \"It is incredibly disturbing that a government agency has the power to order libraries to do this. \"


Faculty of 1000

Faculty of 1000, a \"new online research service that will comprehensively and systematically highlight and review the most interesting papers published in the biological sciences, based on the recommendations of a faculty of well over 1000 selected leading researchers\" is available for a free trial until 12/31/01.

Thanks to the Free Online Scholarship Newsletter. The Faculty was recently written up in the Chronicle of Higher Education.


What Web Would You Pay For?

So I keep reading News On Yahoo!, Mostly Bad News.

I Put that together with Paid Search Results, Calls for the End of the \"free\" web, and MicroPayments, and I got thinking...

What happens if the web crawls into a pay-per-view, micropayment, or some other kind of non-free model in the future? What if Microsoft or AOL get their way and we (we as in endusers) pay for everything. I can think of 4 sites I\'d pay for Slashdot, Metafilter, Yahoo!, and Google. Add a few maybes to that list, Wired, Moreover, Camworld,and CNET. But I think my list is Atypical for a librarian.

So what sites would you pay for if you had to pay for the privilege of viewing? What sites are so useful you wouldn\'t mind paying for? What sites can\'t you live without?


The battle of the book: the research library today

The New Criterion has an Interesting Story on the \"war\" between Books and Computers
The author, Eric Ormsby, says that each format has come to stand for something in the minds of its adherents: if not a style, then a stance.
The full story isn\'t online.

\"The zealous computer fanatic sees the book lover as troglodytic; the staunch book lover regards the computer fanatic as barbaric. As you might suspect, both sides are right and both sides are wrong.\"

Cardless Libaray

Carrie writes \"Buffalonians no longer need libary cards to borrow books.

Full Story \"

They say The Touch & Go! system uses technology that identifies a person by imaging a finger and looking at unique characteristics, thus eliminating the need for library cards.



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