LISNews Rocks!!!


Blake Carver the guy who started LISNews had this comment in his journal, So, these emails, coupled with the general tone in the comments this week, the shear volume of comments & stories, and a few other things have left me feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and rather negative towards LISNews.
I know that the vast majority of people out there think that LISNews is an excellent resource. I think this would be a good day to post a comment to this story and let him know that we appreciate his hard work.


Vote for Blake! Vote early and vote often.

I've been reading since the beginning. This site got me through grad school--I was always "in the know" about nearly every current event and wowed my profs constantly. Now that I'm graduated this site helps me keep current. I've especially valued the opportunity to be an author and moderator--this site helps me feel connected to librarianship.

Thanks, Blake!

I heard about LISNews during my first class in library school and have been hooked ever since. Four years ago, Blake started LISNews with an innovative idea - Kudos to him for thinking outside of the box and - he still is doing it!

I read it EVERY day - work, home, weekend, wherever and whenever! It is amazing and I'm pleased to have the opportunity to be an "author" for it! I am definitely a better librarian and person for checking it daily!
Thanks and hear, hear!

I am a library MLS student in Long Beach, Ca and I really like this blog! Kudos to Blake!-Corinda Humphrey

Add me to the list of folks who check in even on weekends, holidays, & when I'm out sick. LISNews is an excellent complilation of the day's library happenings!

I love LISNews. If I'm too lazy to read all the other feeds in my aggregator, LISNews is the one I'll read first. Consolidates almost everything into one nice, neat place. Thanks Blake :)

LisNews is an incredible, unique resource.There is NO OTHER news service that coversthe current news about us and the issuesthat concern us.But it takes time and energy and tremendouseffort to keep this going and BURNOUT isinevitable...if fact there may be stats outthere about the normal lifespan of a website,or newservice or just all gets tobe too much...especially when you have a9-5 job and other stuff goin on..So here's hoping that Blake will continue towork with those of you who have been addingstories and helping out...It DOES take a Blake out and keep it going librarians!

To (sorta) quote Jack Black, "Never EVER stop rocking!"

It's neat-o!I check LISNews several times a day; I have it as the default homepage on one of my browsers, actually.

(conservative colloquialism)

I typically get up around 6AM every morning. Sometimes earlier now that I've got a baby boy. Like most people I have a morning routine:

I get up, I stretch, I scratch, I use the bathroom, I go to my computer, I check LISNews, then I check Google News. I always check LISNews first because, while Google News gives me stuff that affects my life, LISNews gives me information that affects my career and my immediate existence.

I wouldn't know anything about anything going on in library news if not for LISNews. At least once a week, I end up e-mailing some co-workers information obtained from here and being a good historian, I always site my source. Hopefully, they go back and read whatever else in on the site.

But Blake is da man!

It's a thankless job, for the most part, that he has, and I'm sure that we don't see the blood, sweat and tears that goes on behind the scenes. Here's to the man that makes it look effortless! Keep up the good work, Blake.

Thank you, Blake, for providing a forum wherein librarians can express opposing viewpoints that are typically not accepted by our state and national organizations. Keep up the good work!

Blake brings us news, information, opinion and a lot of fun. Not only I, but all my household gathers in the evenings to sift through LIS News. Just as Birdie says, "Vote for Blake!"! We DO appreciate all that he does.

Lisnews is a great source. You get the news and then the views on the news - what could be better?Keep up the good work!

I regularly impress my colleagues with the information I send them from all around the world. I don't tell them my secret - that I get it all from LIS news. Please, Blake! We need you.