"Switched Up" show on ABC Family


heidi writes "A tv show called "Switched Up" wherein people change careers for 4 days with someone else with (no doubt) hilarious results. The commercial I saw made me do a double take. "I want to be a librarian," a rather bemused woman stated. "Because my life is so noisy...and I just want some quiet." The next scene shows her overwhelmed with an armload of books. Sounds like someone is in for a surprise!Premieres Sunday, March 7th at 7 PM.Here's The Site"


Ha! This should be funny. It will be an interesting insight for the public to find out that our jobs can be just as hectic as anyone else's. Our 'raison-d'etre' is to assist people both directly - answering phones, fixing copiers and indirectly- organizing books on shelves, checking out catalog problems. Should be a real eye-opener