Visual History: Are Digital Images Secure?


Anonymous Patron writes:
"Archivists have yet to find a way to save today's digital images for history, a way that will transcend the changes in technology and preserve the visual legacy of the 21st century for generations to come.
After all, conventional photography is now a thing of the past. Last year, more digital cameras were sold than conventional cameras. Last month, Kodak even announced it would stop making reloadable 35mm cameras in the United States and Europe."


(10 points to whoever can cite that movie quote.)Police using digital cameras was covered in the news last week. Some depts. are slow to adopt for fear that digital images would be less persuasive than hard copies. Hey it happensThere was another commentary about digital cameras (and their "don't like it? just erase it!" functions) and technology in general destroying the current equivalent of accidental ephermia -- things like Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks for example, that are only valuable untill much later. Not sure where I read that tho...

Is it Conan the Barbarian?

Looking for a reference for the Kodak thing...I think I found some articles referencing an announcement on 2004-01-14? 2004/01/15/2003087725-- Ender, Duke_of_URLˇ


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