Top performing schools for service


nbruce writes "On Feb. 16 an article was posted here about the top 10 universities for patents. There is another list of top schools that includes service, ROTC participation, and peace core.

"Though you may not have been aware of it [if you had work-study funding to complete college], 75 percent of your wages came from Uncle Sam, through the Federal Work-Study Program, created to help students pay their way through college. Today, the program is bigger than ever, providing jobs to almost one million students through more than $1 billion in financial aid. But for a small number of students, work-study means more than just providing grunt labor for their college or university. It involves serving their community by tutoring, mentoring, or building homes for low-income families.

The article and list of top schools for service can be read here.

Generally the top performing schools aren’t the top in service, however, there is a UC school on both the patent and the service lists."


Perhaps work for pocket money while in college. College costs are in the tens of thousands of dollars a year. I went through with the thought that my time was better spent getting the grades I needed to qualify for a job that would allow me to pay my school debt after graduation rather than spending valuable hours trying to pull in a couple hundred dollars a month.

What are other peoples' experiences?

I think I've seen some figures on this--and you may be right. Take a loan, get out in 4 years, and pay it back with your fabulous, newly minted degree. ; )

I used to employ a lot of students in my library and it was always a bit distressing to say good-bye and know that they would be earning more than me in their entry level "real" job.