Berman, Horrocks named ALA honorary members


InfoWhale writes "Here is the official, extended press release from ALA on its recent tribute given to two leading library people - Horrocks and Berman. Sandy greatly corrected the official, shorter one that was posted in January during the ALA conference - thus making it much more descriptive of his actual contributions. I wrote my own reaction to the shorter press release, calling it "The Three Continents of Sandy Berman" since the original talked about Horrocks influence on three continents. Sandy asked me not to distribute it - but now I won't have to. ate=/ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.cfm&ContentI D=56190"


Does honorary membership mean that Berman and Horrocks can actively participate in ALA committees, propose and vote on resolutions, and influence policy?ALA...How about passing some of the many policies Berman proposed such as his Freedom of Speech amendment to the Library Bill of Rights or his Library Services for Poor People's policy?ALA...How about taking action to rescue Berman's life's work(the HCL catalog and authority file) and put it back on the internet for anyone to use, instead of leaving it imprisoned at UIUC in the virtually unusable raw data file format it's in now?Unless this honor has some teeth and confers some looks like a feel good gesture to appease someone's guilt.

Great thoughts...I wonder myself. Sandy just now told me that he has seen others get the award. I guess it is ALA's guiltless way of trying to make up for the destruction they let happen to Sandy's job and life's work. - Steve Fesenmaier

it just means you don't have to pay ala membership dues. like any other ala member, you can be as active as you like.

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